BUSN460 Senior Project - All 7 Weeks Discussions

Week 1 DQ1 Selling your team's services to CanGo

Week 1 DQ2 Mission, Vision & Values

Week 2 DQ1 Planning a Technological Solution

Week 2 DQ2 Cost Benefit Analysis

Week 3 DQ1 Flow Charting Processes

Week 3 DQ2 Implementing Technology

Week 4 DQ1 Group vs Team

Week 4 DQ2 Matrixed Employee Environments

Week 5 DQ1 Performance Review Session

Week 5 DQ2 Status Reports

Week 6 DQ1 Corporate Decision Making

Week 6 DQ2 Weighing Decision Criteria

Week 7 DQ1 Corporate Ethics Tactics

Week 7 DQ2 Profit vs. Responsibility


BUSN460 Senior Project - All 7 Weeks Discussions
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