CIS336 Final Exam 4

1. (TCO 7) For every order, list the order number, order date, part number, part description, and item class for each part that makes up the order.

2. (TCO 8) Write a query that will display the customer number, last name, and first name for every customer I whose first name begins with the letter "D".

2. (TCO 8) Write a query that will display the earliest date an order was placed.

3. (TCO 7) Using the BETWEEN operator, write a query that will list all details about all orders that were placed during the period of September 3rd thru September 5th of 1998.

5. (TCO 7) Write a query that will list the customer first and last name and the sales rep commission rate using JOIN ON.


CIS336 Final Exam 4
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