CIS336 Week 6 Group Project Task 4

Task 4 - Verification of Transaction Processing (30 points)

Develop a query that will identify and mark inactive those customers that have bills overdue by more than 30 days (this can usually be done using a sub-query). Remember, you are only marking a customer as inactive, not actually deleting the customer record from the system.

To submit this task, create a heading called MODIFY STATEMENTS in your group project SQL script, and name the file TEAM_X_TASK4.TXT. This should be the same script that contains your DROP TABLE, CREATE TABLE, and INSERT statements. Once you have verified that your SQL statement or statements work, create a spooled output showing the results of your statements.

Deliverables for this task:

Any revisions of task 3 based on feedback from your instructor. Task 4 comprised of the complete script file (DROP, CREATE, INSERT, SELECT, and UPDATE statements) and the output file showing that it works. Team member responsibilities document outlining contributions by team member to this deliverable.


CIS336 Week 6 Group Project Task 4
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