ECO 450 Week 7 Quiz

Review Test Submission: Quiz 5

Course Public Finance


Quiz 5

This quiz consist of 15 multiple choice questions and covers the material in Chapter 10. Be sure you are in Chapter 10 when you take the quiz.

Question 1


According to the benefit principle,

Question 2

If the marginal tax rate is 20% under a proportional tax rate structure, the average tax rate:

Question 3


If the average tax rate under a progressive tax rate structure is 35%, a possible marginal tax rate is:

Question 4

A payroll tax taxes a worker’s wages at 14 percent until the worker earns $60,000 per year. All labor earnings in excess of $60,000 are not subject to tax. The tax rate structure of the payroll tax is therefore:

Question 5

The marginal tax rate will eventually exceed the average tax rate for

Question 6

Which of the following countries has the highest average tax rate relative to GDP?

Question 7

Tax avoidance is:

Question 8

Marginal tax rates were reduced in 2001. Other things being equal, this is likely to:

Question 9

An excise tax is a:

Question 10


A tax on the value of real estate holdings is a:

Question 11


A 5-percent retail sales tax on all consumer purchases in a state is imposed. The sales tax is:


Question 12

A proportional income tax has an average tax rate that:

Question 13


The tax base of a payroll tax is:

Question 14


Question 15


A bridge becomes congested after 100 vehicles per hour use it on any day. To achieve efficiency, a toll


ECO 450 Week 7 Quiz
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