MGMT410 Week 2 Case Study Off-the-Job Behaviors

Case Study: Off-the-Job Behaviors

Overview - You will remember that the lecture mentioned that HR professionals are often criticized as being vacillators who often give the dreaded response of "it depends" when asked about the legality of a situation. Balancing the rights of employees with protecting the organization is often complex and may deal with employee behavior both on and off the job. This exercise will shed some light on how off-the-job behaviors may impact the organization and what Winn-Dixie chose to do about perceived damage to their image. Reviewing this case study will reveal the complexity of employment law and the dilemma it poses for HR professionals who want to both support employees in the best way possible and protect the organization at the same time.

Learning Questions - After reviewing the textbook case study on pages 107 and 108 of your textbook, answer the following learning questions:

1. Do you believe OilerÂ’s employee rights were violated? Explain your position.

2. What do you see are the consequences of organizations that punish employees for certain off-the-job behaviors? Explain.

3. Would you consider Winn-Dixie an organization that exhibits characteristics of progressive discipline or the hot stove approach? Defend your position.


MGMT410 Week 2 Case Study Off-the-Job Behaviors
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