MIS-589 Week 2 Quiz 100% Correct Answers


Question :

(TCO B) A(n) __________ circuit is another name for a multipoint configuration.

Student Answer:






Question :

(TCO B) The technology director has decided that a host based application architecture based on mainframes is best for the payroll application. As the network engineer you need to decide which type of transmission is best and want to keep things as simple as possible. Select the transmission type that is ideally suited for this situation.

Student Answer:


full duplex




Question :

(TCO B) The Chief Information Officer has put you in charge of building the network. The CIO has informed you that cost are a factor in building the network. Security is not a concern and the CIO would like moderate speed. What type of media would you consider to build this network using to meet the CIO’s needs?

Student Answer:

fiber optic cable





Question :

(TCO B) Which is true regarding parallel transmission mode?

Student Answer:

A stream is sent over a communication circuit bit by bit

Transmission speed is slower than serial transmission

Has to send two bits at a time of a character down the communication circuit

Can send all eight bits of a character down a circuit


Question :

(TCO B) With respect to converting digital data into analog signals, AM stands for:

Student Answer:

Asynchronous Manchester

Analytic Mosiac

Amplitude Modulation

Analog Multimode


Question :

(TCO C) A member of upper management has just informed you that an office space needs to accommodate seven new networked computers. In this office space you have one network cable that runs back to the main network distribution point. You want to get the seven new computers running as soon as possible. What is the fasted method of getting them connected to the network?

Student Answer:

Run network cables from the network distribution point

Install an eight port hub or switch

Split the network cables up between the computers

Install a multiplexer


Question :

(TCO C) The storage capacity of your servers is quickly being exhausted. Organizational leadership has given you as much funding as you need to establish a long term solution to this problem. Which is the best option below to address this storage space problem from a long term perspective?

Student Answer:

add a new RAID controller to the server

implement a storage area network (SAN)

add new disk drives to the servers

implement server clustering


Question :

(TCO C) Why do Switched Ethernet networks improve network performance?

Student Answer:

Because there are many devices on the same circuit

Hubs used to split network traffic result in reduced workload

Memory used by connected systems is reduced as a result of table memory

There are only two devices on a point to point circuit


Question :

(TCO C) Which is true about a network hub?

Student Answer:

When a frame is sent from one computer to another the hub retransmit it to all computers attached

Keeps a table of addresses and ports

Each circuit connected to it is not shared

Internally the logical topology is a set of point-to-point circuits


Question :

(TCO C) Which technology do most organizations today employ?

Student Answer:

1000Base-T over category 6

100Base-T over category 7

100Base-T over category 5e



MIS-589 Week 2 Quiz 100% Correct Answers
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