MIS-589 Week 3 Quiz 100% Correct Answers


Question :

(TCO B) Which of the following is true with respect to the data link layer?

Student Answer:

It accepts streams of bits from the application layer

It is responsible for getting a message from one computer to another

It accepts messages from the physical layer

It performs routing functions


Question :

(TCO B) You are working to resolve a problem with communication to an office in your building. The Sr. Network Engineer asks you to go get a mini-switch or repeater so that the source of the error can be resolved. What was the likely source of this error?

Student Answer:






Question :

(TCO B) This error checking scheme adds 8, 16, 24, or 32 bits to the message.

Student Answer:

Parity Checking

Cyclical Redundancy Check


Stop-and-Wait ARQ


Question :

(TCO B) This type of transmission is typically used on a point-to-point full-duplex circuits.

Student Answer:

synchronous transmissions

High-level data link control

asynchronous transmissions

Continuous ARQ


Question :

(TCO B) Your new position requires that you maintain a Token Ring network that includes several IBM mainframes. What type of access control would this network most likely use?

Student Answer:

Contention based

Mixed Mode

Relative performance based

Controlled based


Question :

(TCO B) You are working with a co-worker over the phone to connect a router at your location in New York to their network in San Francisco. After hours of troubleshooting the WAN protocol configured on the routers you find that the root of the problem is that he has a Cisco router and you have a Nortel router. Which WAN protocol are you most likely configuring in this scenario?

Student Answer:






Question :

(TCO B) __________ is not a function of a data link protocol.

Student Answer:

Media access control

Message delineation

Amplitude shift keying

Error Control


Question :

(TCO B) The key to selecting the best access control technique is to _______________.

Student Answer:

whether you are using mainframes or not

selecting the appropriate cable media

find the crossover point between controlled and contention

type of LAN


Question :

(TCO B) In general, controlled approaches:

Student Answer:

work better than contention approaches for small networks that have low usage

work better than contention approaches for large networks that have high usage

work better than contention approaches for all sizes of networks

do not require a host, server, or active monitor to assign media access control


Question :

(TCO B) With contention:

Student Answer:

computers wait until the circuit is free before they send data

the front end processor must wait for a response from the polled client or terminal

one computer starts the poll and passes it to the next computer on the multipoint circuit

there is never a chance of a “collision” or two computers trying to send data at the same time


MIS-589 Week 3 Quiz 100% Correct Answers
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