MKTG310 Final Exam

1. (TCO 4) When might a modified rebuy apply within a household buying decision? What types of goods would come into play? Please provide specific examples and be sure to discuss the concept fully. (Points: 25)

2. (TCO 6) Describe, in terms of your text's discussion, what are the underlying values of the phrase, “He who dies with the most toys, wins.” Also, include a discussion of your personal values and how a marketer could interest you with such an appeal. (Points: 25)

3. (TCO 8) How is the ideal of beauty in Western cultures communicated, and how has it changed over time? How might an astute marketer reflect these ideals in their marketing communications? (Points: 25)

4. (TCO 9) How could a savvy marketer use RFID technology to track situational influences on purchase decisions? Explain why this type of process could provide competitive advantage. (Points: 25)

5. (TCO 1) Discuss contextual marketing and give three examples of this type of marketing in products that you purchase. Please provide specific examples and be sure to discuss the concept fully. (Points: 25)

6. (TCO 2) What are some of the factors that affect the successful adoption of innovations? (Points: 25)

7. (TCO 3) Given the changing nature of America's demographics, name at least three products that will face increasing demand and three that will face declining demand. Explain your reasoning. (Points: 25)

8. (TCO 5) As people age, their sensory abilities decline. The Baby Boomers are reaching retirement age. How will advertisements of the future change sensory stimuli to accommodate this changing demographic? (Points: 25)

9. (TCO 7) Identify and describe the functional theory of attitudes and its component parts (functions). (Points: 25)

10. (TCO 10) Discuss the pro-and-con aspect of e-commerce versus the bricks-and-mortar approach. What should marketers do to improve their appeal as an e-commerce Web e-tailer? Discuss retail theming in your answer. (Points: 25)


MKTG310 Final Exam
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