PA571 All 7 Weeks Discussions

PA-571 Nonprofit Org Management - All 7 Weeks Discussions - Devry PA571 PA 571, A+ Tutorials

w1 dq1 - Types of Nonprofit Organizations

w1 dq2 - Legal Forms of Nonprofits

w2 dq1 - Role of the Board

w2 dq2 - Employees

w3 dq1 - Volunteers

w3 dq2 - Motivation Techniques

w4 dq1 - Perceptions

w4 dq2 - Facing Uncertainty

w5 dq1 - Financial aspects of nonprofits

w5 dq2 - Resources for Technology

w6 dq1 - Raising and Using Funds

w6 dq2 - Marketing Techniques

w7 dq1 - What Would You Do

w7 dq2 - Code of Ethics


PA571 All 7 Weeks Discussions
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