PHYS310 Lab 19 Fluid Mechanics

Experiment 1: Effects of Density


  1. Sketch and label what the arrangement of objects and liquids is in the beaker.
  1. Rank the liquids and solids in order of least to most dense.

  2. Which of the solid materials used in this experiment would make the best boat?

  3. Would it be easier to design a boat in a world with oceans of maple syrup? What property of maple syrup might prevent boats from traveling in it very effectively compared with in water?

Experiment 2: Principles of Moving Fluid


  1. Why did the candle blow out in Procedure 1?
  2. Draw the air flow around the beaker and illustrate what happened to cause the candle to go out.
  3. What did you observe when blowing over the strip of paper in Procedure 2? Describe why this happens in terms of a) the pressure on each side of the strip, and b) the force exerted on the air by the strip surface.

  4. Would this experiment still work if the curved strip was made of a light but rigid (unbendable) material? Draw the direction of airflow over the top of a rigid, curved strip. Indicate the forces exerted on both the moving air and the strip material.

Experiment 3: Bernoulli’s Principle


  1. What happened when you blew into the horizontal straw?

  2. Explain why this happens in terms of air velocity and pressure above and inside the vertical straw.

  3. Were you able to blow either index card off the table very easily in Procedure 3? Explain.

    4. Describe what happens to the cards as the air moves underneath using Bernoulli’s principle.


PHYS310 Lab 19 Fluid Mechanics
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