PHYS310 Lab 3 Changing Motion

STEP 1: Constant Velocity Away

1.Paste your graphs from Item 1 of the procedure here.

2.What is the average velocity that you found in Item 1?

3.What is the average acceleration that you found in Item 1?

4.Paste your graphs from Item 2 of the procedure here.

5.What is the major difference between the velocity data in Items 1 and 2?

6.Paste your graphs from Item 3 of the procedure here.

7.What were the average accelerations that you found from the straight line fits to the velocities?

8. What feature of your velocity graphs signifies that the motion of the cart is away from the sensor?

9.What feature of your velocity graphs signifies that the cart is speeding up?

10.Paste your graphs from Item 4 of the procedure here.

11.Is there a significant change in the velocity-time graph at the instant of closest approach?

12.Make a straight-line fit of the velocity-time graph. How does the average acceleration (slope) compare to the acceleration found in the previous item?

13.Paste your graphs from Item 5 of the procedure here.

14.Fill in the table below. Use a plus sign if the quantity is positive and a minus sign if it is negative.


PHYS310 Lab 3 Changing Motion
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