PHYS320 Lab 16 Exploring Matter

Experiment 1: Active Atoms


1. What was the difference in the spread of the dye between the two glasses?

2. What does this tell you about the movement of the molecules of the warm water versus the cold water?

Experiment 2: Barometric Pressure


1. How does your barometer allow you to measure changes in atmospheric pressure?

2. In what direction did the arrow point for high pressure? For low pressure? Why?

3. How did the volume of the gas in the container change as the pressure outside increased and decreased? What does this tell you about the relationship between pressure and volume of a gas?

4. Explain how the barometer pictured in Figure 6 could measure changes in atmospheric pressure.

Experiment 3: Marshmallow Madness


1. How did you decrease the air pressure in the syringe? What happened to the marshmallow under these conditions?

2. What can you conclude from this experiment about the composition of marshmallows?

3.What would happen to a marshmallow if you put it on the moon (where there is very little atmosphere and thus very low pressure)? What would happen to a marshmallow on Jupiter (which has a very dense atmosphere)?


PHYS320 Lab 16 Exploring Matter
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