PHYS320 Lab 22 Heat Transfer

Experiment 1: Conduction


1. Explain how the handle of a spoon gets warm even though it is not in direct contact with the hot water.

2. Looking at the list that you made, which material would you guess has the highest conductivity? Which should have the lowest?

3. Compare your list to the provided conductivity values above. Were your predictions correct?

4. What is the conductivity of air? Comparing this to other values on the conductivity chart, why do you think double-paned windows (which have air in between two layers of glass) are a good home investment if you do not want a high heating and cooling bill?

Experiment 2: Convection Experiment


1. What happened when the card was removed with the warm water jar on top? Can you explain why this happens?

2. What happened differently with the cold water jar on top? Explain what happens using your knowledge of the types of heat transfer.

3. What happens to the temperature of the jars in the second case?

4. Are there any other types of heat transfer apparent in this experiment?

Experiment 3: Radiation


1. In which cup did the ice melt the fastest? In which one did the ice melt the slowest?

2. Summarize the rate of temperature change for each cup.

3. Explain your results in terms of heat transfer concepts. In other words, which cup(s) protected the ice from conduction, convection, and radiation? How did they achieve this?

4.Comment on how your particular experimental conditions affected your experiment. For instance, on a very sunny day the effects of radiation are significant compared to a cloudy day and the cup with foil might show less drastic improvement over the cup with only a lid.

5. Explain why a foam cup offers good insulation while at the same time is a lightweight material.


PHYS320 Lab 22 Heat Transfer
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