PROJ598 Week 3 Quiz


Question :

(TCO A) What are the four common actions that winning organizations are taking to build successful partnerships?

Unleashing corporate buying & selling power; changing buying & selling processes; developing an integrated supply chain; learning and applying the best practices & e-tools from industry leaders

Unleashing corporate buying & selling power; developing new buying & selling processes; communication; e-commerce

Communication; improved pricing; unleashing corporate buying & selling power; applying best practices

Communication; e-commerce; applying best practices; developing new buying & selling processes

None of the above


Question :

(TCO A) Which of the following common actions used by winning companies to build successful partnerships would involve strategic sourcing agreements, back-sourcing arrangements, joint-equity partnerships, preferred supplier agreements, and customer agreements?

Changing buying and selling processes

Developing an integrated supply chain

Unleashing corporate buying and selling power

Learning and applying the best practices and e-tools from industry leaders

None of the above


Question :

(TCO B) What are some of the best practices for building trust?

Listening to the customer

Be accessible

Develop a risk management plan

Document and share best practices

All of the above


Question :

(TCO A) Describe and explain the six steps in the contract management process for the buyer. Make sure to define each of the three phases of the process.


PROJ598 Week 3 Quiz
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